15 Made-in-the-USA Bike Products Slideshow

15 Made-in-the-USA Bike Products Slideshow

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NiteRider launched in 1989 after founder Tom Carroll, who had been developing a waterproof light for night surfing, saw an opportunity to offer rugged, powerful lights for outdoor athletes who didn't want to stop playing just because the sun went down. The company still makes a range of SCUBA diving products, but it's best known for its bike lights. It's not uncommon to see 10-year-old lights being serviced at its San Diego headquarters, where a staff of 30 handles everything from R&D to assembly. The 750-lumen MiNewt Pro 750 represents how far the company's product has come. It weighs just 245 grams, and works as either a helmet- or handlebar-mount option.


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