14 Essentials for Your Next 'Bikepacking' Trip from 14 Essentials for Your Next 'Bikepacking' Trip

14 Essentials for Your Next 'Bikepacking' Trip

Old Man Mountain
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14 Essentials for Your Next 'Bikepacking' Trip

Backpacking can still be considered somewhat sexy, but it’s certainly not as novel as it once was. Everyone from baby boomers to Gen Y’s gap-year crowd and even Hollywood (hello, Wild?) knows someone who has done it. On the contrary, drop the word “bikepacking” into a conversation with your coworkers and unless you work in a bike shop, you’ll probably see at least one deer in the headlights.

It’s okay. This hybrid of biking and camping hasn’t gone mainstream yet—especially since a lot of bikepacking takes place on backcountry trails and rural roads. But since May is National Bike Month, there’s no time like the present to take your bike out for a spin and a sleepover. Skip the packing-from-scratch headache and see here for some gear that you’ll want to take along for the ride. 


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