A Goliath Tigerfish from 14 of the Biggest Fish Ever Caught

14 of the Biggest Fish Ever Caught

Discovery Channel
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A Goliath Tigerfish

Central Africa's Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath) is reportedly as fierce as its name suggests. While some compare this freshwater fish to piranha—it's equally or more aggressive, and has been to known to attack humans and even crocodiles—its 32 teeth are nearly as big as a great white shark's. In 2010, while filming for the Discovery Channel show "River Monsters," host Jeremy Wade (left) caught this five-foot-long, 100-pound, prehistoric-looking monster. Yet Wade never received official recognition, and the IGFA record still belongs to Raymond Houtmans (right), who landed his 97-pounder on the Congo River in 1988.


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