13 Things You Didn't Know About Lululemon

Fun and interesting facts about the innovative activewear brand

75% of all yogis are addicted to shopping at Lululemon.

OK, I totally just made that up. But seriously, plant yourself in any yoga studio across the country and you’re bound to come across a handful of people practicing in the beloved brand’s attire.

Actually, the obsession isn’t even exclusive to the yoga community, which is the market Lululemon originally set out to target. Runners, cyclists, and even everyday gym-goers are forking over big chunks of their hard-earned cash in exchange for the chance to don what’s become somewhat of a luxury logo.

What makes their activewear so appealing, though? Maybe happy-go-lucky fitness fanatics are attracted to the bright colors and patterns. Perhaps it’s so popular because of its long-lasting quality. Or maybe it’s all those free yoga classes they’re giving away.

Whatever the case, with nearly 250 locations in North America and Australia, the company has grown into a fitness apparel powerhouse since launching its first store (then called Kitsilano) in Vancouver over 15 years ago.

Whether you scour your local Lululemon for “Wow Items” on a regular basis or you’re only familiar with the business thanks to its infamous see-through pants scandal, click through and continue reading to discover thirteen interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the brand.

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