Speed Skiing from 13 Sports That Could Kill You

13 Sports That Could Kill You

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Speed Skiing

Speed skiing is the fastest non-motor sport on earth. (On land, anyway.) In this downhill discipline, which was demonstrated at the 1992 Olympics in Albertville, France, skiers try to hit the fastest speeds possible—often around 125 mph—on a straight, 1-km hill of hard-packed snow. The world-record holder and one of the sport’s most dominant figures is the Italian Simone Origone (pictured), who hit 156 mph in 2006. Helmet aside, there’s little, apart from skill, to keep Origone from sharing the deadly fate of several speed skiers past. And even without the element of speed, the hill itself can kill: In 2007 British women’s champion Caitlin Tovar tumbled 3,000 feet to her death after losing her balance at the starting line.

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