13 Inevitable Thoughts Every Runner Has During a Long Run

How many more miles until I can have a bagel?

For most, the long-run is a time-consuming workout that requires a great deal of planning and preparation, and it tends to create a love-hate relationship with the sport, too.

Mostly it’s a staple workout for those training for long distance races, but for some out-of-their-mind runners, it’s a weekend routine performed simply for fun.

No matter the reason for your long-distance workout though, it’s likely one of the following thoughts has crossed your mind while out on the road. We asked readers what thoughts they most commonly think while out on the long run and they helped paint what we think is a pretty accurate picture of the inside of a runner's crazy mind. 

-Thoughts Every Runner Has During a Long Run-

1. Not even a mile yet???? @klee088

2. How long do I have to run so I won’t feel guilty about the donuts I am going to eat afterwards? @runrunchuck

3. I don't think I can make it. Yes,you can. Maybe I should walk.You don't need to walk. Am I talking to myself? Just run. @angelmurf

4. How many more miles until I can eat my shot blocks? @ryled_up

5. I'm so making pancakes after this. @laurcardarelli

6. Did I empty the dishwasher? I wonder if cassy is still mad at me me. CAR. BIRD. Ahhhh crazy slow people. @carrotsovercupcakes

7. What was I thinking? @_boffy_

8. Why am I doing this? @darlinnicci

9. Well this was a dumb thing to sign up for. @derunnernial

10. Over half way!!! @fittingitallin

11. I don't have to pee, I don't have to pee! @wanderlustrunning

12. Ouch. @katrina_doel

13. Feed me! @soflorunner

Are there any other thoughts you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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