12 YouTube Channels for Excellent At-Home Workouts

The best ways to work up a sweat anywhere, at any time; just press play

Unless you had a home gym, for the most part, getting your sweat on at home used to mean popping a video (remember those?) or a DVD into the player and following along with an instructor for about an hour.

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Times have changed quite quickly though. Thanks to YouTube (maybe you’ve heard of it?), these days you don't need any extra electronics besides your computer and an Internet connection to get a good workout at home. And while YouTube provides the medium for this new trend in exercise, who we should really thank are all of the trainers and fitness instructors who take the time to record and upload their workouts to the site.

However, just like with anything else on the Internet, there are quite a few fitness-themed YouTube channels and videos to choose from if you want to workout at home. (And by “quite a few,” I mean more than any exerciser would ever know what to do with.) In fact, there’s so many that searching for and finding your perfect YouTube workout could take longer than the actual workout itself. At that point you might just say "screw it" and give up on everything all together, but that’s an outcome we can help you avoid.


To help you save time and sidestep some of the frustration that comes along with searching for stuff on the Internet, we put together a list of a few of the top YouTube channels for at-home workouts. They’re hosted by top-notch, knowledgeable trainers who know how to kick your butt with minimal use of equipment and no matter where you’re working out. So, get out your guns and work up a sweat in your dorm room, living room, and maybe even at your office, too. (If your co-workers judge you it just means their jealous.)