Yoga Poses You Can Do with Your Kids from 12 Yoga Poses You Can Do with Your Kids

12 Yoga Poses You Can Do with Your Kids

Yoga Poses You Can Do with Your Kids

From downward dog to sandwich pose, these moves are simple and safe but still bring many benefits. Show your little one how to do the move, do it with them or let them climb aboard your plank pose—as long as they’re having fun, it’s sure to be a great introduction to yoga.

There are plenty of poses you can do together—we put together a list of 12—but remember to keep it light and fun. Most kids enjoy moving around and tend to get distracted easily, so using the poses in a game is a good idea and combining animal sounds helps too. Get creative and practice these 12 poses with your little one.

Down Dog Pose

The name of alone is sure to delight your kids and the quality leg stretch is a nice benefit too—not to mention it strengthens the shoulders.

Start by extending hips high into the air, moving feet apart and setting arms out in front of you. Move around, bend your knees and find a position that’s comfortable before really getting into the stretch. Once ready, your body should be an inverted V, with a long straight spine, a relaxed neck and heels pressed to the ground. Relax and take a few deep breaths.

Child’s Pose

This simple calming move was practically made for your little one. The Child’s Pose relaxes the body, slows the mind and opens up the hips.

Start with your feet together, knees tucked under and your forehead on the mat. Let your hips settle toward the floor and sway just a bit, then take a few deep breaths with your little one and come out refreshed.

Tree Pose

This fun and easy pose will have you both reaching for the sky. The Tree Pose requires a bit of balance as it strengthens the legs and stretches the spine.

Start standing straight with both feet together. Pick a leg to lift and bend that knee, placing the bottom of that foot on your other leg. Once you’ve got that part down, reach up and put your hands together over your head. Make it fun for your little one by adding some swaying branches; just try not to topple over.

Bridge Pose

With strength benefits for your arms and a great stretch for the front of your body, you’d never expect the Bridge Pose to be so simple.

Start on the floor with knees bent and feet hip-width apart. With your hands beneath your shoulders, lift your body off the ground so all of your weight is on your hands and feet. There are tons of variations on the Bridge Pose for little ones, they can try their own pose, climb atop your bridge or pretend to be a boat floating beneath you.

Frog Pose

Ribbit, ribbit. Kids love hopping around in this awesome animal pose. The Frog Pose helps stretch the back and relax muscles, but don’t expect kids to stay still.

Start in a standing position and slowly lower into a squat. Once in a deep squat, move around a bit and get comfortable—you may want to put your hands together in front of you or you could put them on the floor. Don’t expect kids to keep still in this pose for too long, they may want to hop around and make frog noises, join in.

Boat Pose with a Partner

When done solo, this pose is known for its ab sculpting benefits, but when done with a partner, the pose can be fun and a little easier on the muscles.

Start sitting about three feet away from your child, facing one another. Hold hands, on the outside of your legs and lean back, picking your feet up off the ground. Match the soles of your feet with the soles of your child’s feet and then try to straighten your legs as much as possible. You may need to move back a bit or adjust and you might not be able to straighten your legs completely, that’s ok, it’s still a fun pose you can do together.

Sandwich Pose

This pose offers a great stretch, is simple enough for kids and offers the opportunity to be a little silly.

Start by sitting on the floor with your legs outstretched in front of you. Inhale and reach up toward the sky, keeping your back straight. On exhale, bend forward, leading with your belly button and let hands rest on your shins or feet. Kids get a kick out of naming the kind of sandwich they want to be—don’t forget the extras: lettuce, tomato, mayo.

Happy Baby Pose

This easy pose is perfect for the little ones, giving their lower back and hips a great stretch.

Start on your back with your knees bent and grab a hold of your feet. Slowly pull your legs in, getting a great stretch. From there you can rock or sway a little bit and act a little silly with your kids. 

Plank Pose

Best known for super strength benefits, kids will love seeing how long they can hold this pose.

Start in down dog and lower your body toward the ground. Your wrists should be lined up with your shoulders, body should be a straight line and you should be on your toes. Focus on elongating the body, drawing your heels back and tightening your core. Kids can try this pose or if you’re looking for a challenge, have them sit on your back.

Triangle Pose

This pose is a great stretch for the whole body and a good strength move for the legs. To keep kids interested make this part of a sequence or game.

Start standing with your legs wide apart, but still a comfortable distance. Pick a leg, straighten it and rotate the foot 90 degrees so your toes are pointing away from you. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, bend your upper body to the right and think about leading with your chest and keeping the waist straight. Your right hand should naturally move toward the floor, point your left arm toward the sky and keep both arms in a straight line. Stretch, breathe and when you’re ready switch sides.

Cat Cow Pose

If your child is a fan of animals, they’re sure to love this pose. The Cat Cow Pose stretches and strengthens the back and core, and can help improve posture.

Start in a tabletop position, with knees hip-width distance apart and fingers spread out. Inhale for cow, lifting your gaze and dipping the belly. Exhale for cat, tuck your chin to your chest and allow the back to arch. Repeat a few times with correct breathing and maybe add in some playful moos and meows for fun.

Rabbit Pose

This playful pose stretches the shoulders and back. You might have to help your little one into this pose, but it’s not too tough.

Start in table top and draw your knees in together and pull them forward. Tuck your chin to your chest but don’t strain your neck and bring the top of your head to the floor. Put your hands behind you and try to grab your ankles, focus on lengthening the spine and exhale. When you inhale, push your hips up and focus on stretching the shoulders—do not put much weight on the head. While helping your little one with this pose, you might just want to focus on the back stretch and keeping weight off the head.