12 U.S. Olympic Athletes You Should Follow On Twitter

12 U.S. Olympic Athletes You Should Follow On Twitter

Follow her: @lolojones 
What to expect: Let’s just get this out there—Lolo tops every Olympic Twitter list out there. And for good reason! She’s playful, hilarious and lets her personality shine through in her tweets.

July 23: Notify Olympics: I can't run. Injury:BroKeN heart RT @LonaPete RT@eonline Prince Harry is off the market! Sorry,ladies http://eonli.ne/Mjoigm  

July 22: oh my gosh! i prolly should get over there. *starts packing* RT @azzyTnF: olympics starts friday...

Follow her: @HastyHastings
What to expect: Exclamation points! Lots and lots of them!! Her enthusiasm—not just about running or the games, but about everything—is totally infectious and absolutely endearing.

July 21: “Really great @karagoucher interview! US girls are going to rock it! So excited for everyone to get over here!”

Follow him: @PrinceSpearmon
What to expect: A laid back vibe sprinkled with understated, unexpected and hilarious humor.
July 22: For the life of me I can't figure out why my followers keep going up but thanks. I guess it has something to do with the @Olympics 

Jult 21: Big Ben, Harolds, the Palace all this is nice but I'm hungry. 

Follow him: @treyhardee 
What to expect: Retweets, a few Instagrams and maybe a bit of…technical difficulty.

July 8: Test test tester testy 

Follow him: @RickyBerens 
What to expect: A playful vibe that makes you want to sit down on the couch, crack open a beer and watch the game—any game—with him.

July 21: Media day & open practice today. Was great to see the support from a foreign country, atleast I think they were saying good things to us...

July 20: .@Shanteau you might have made USA hottest Olympians, but I made @JENNIWOWW "Olympians I'd like to...."http://jwoww.com/blog/post/o-i-l-f-s-olympians-i-d-like-to …

Follow her: ?@ShalaneFlanagan
What to expect: PR. And I don’t mean personal record…

July 22: Two weeks from today I hope to give justice to all the training I have put in and show how much I appreciate everyone's support.

Jul 20: Gotta brag, I love my team. I don't have to look outside my training environment for inspiration! @EvanJager thank you!

Follow him: @Nathangadrian 
What to expect: General goofiness paired with Instagrams of Olympic swag and an (apparently) messy room…

July 23: We made it! All of our gear was in our rooms it was Xmas all over again 

July 25: Could someone please tell @mattgrevers to clean his side of the room? Maybe he will listen to you all http://instagr.am/p/NgBHAnIQV_/ 

Follow her: @alexmorgan13 
What to expect: The softer, girlier side of the women’s soccer team 

July 21: The Queen graced us with her presence in the middle of our#facemaskgirltime @tobinheath @heathermitts @heatheroreilly pic.twitter.com/ZA2ttCWt 
[Ed note: Take the second to click the link and look at the pic. It's great.]  

Follow her: @jordyn_wieber
What to expect: Typical 17-year-old stuff (Except that she’s…you know, the whole Olympic athlete thing). Heavily filtered Instagrams, excitement about meeting anyone remotely famous, and more :) s and <3 s than you know what to do with. Side note: A ton of her pictures highlight how short the gymnastics team is. Or how tall the other athletes are. Either way, it's amazing.

July 25: It's a beautiful day in the Olympic Village! I love meeting new athletes :)

Follow him: @kevinlove 
What to expect: Is Kevin Love one of the few white guys on the Olympic team? Just look at his updates, and you’ll find out pretty quick (spoiler: the answer is yes). 

July 1: #Repost glad I could add some color to the photo http://instagr.am/p/NWtuyfs99C/ 

Follow him: @DaFlyinSquirrel
What to expect: Pretty mundane updates. But here’s the thing. In July, @DaFlyinSquirrel actually got a flying squirrel and posted pictures. Which is definitely awesome enough to land him on this list.
July 22: Meet the flying Squirrel. Names Rocky. Olympian as well http://instagr.am/p/NZREdQQxuf/

Follow her: @serenawilliams
What to expect: Personal, vague tweets that almost always remind you that she’s single and ready to mingle.

July 24: You are still the one 

July 23: Is cloning available yet? I wanna clone someone.....#PerfectButTaken