12 Totally Inspiring Running Instagrams

Fill your feed with images that will rev you up to run

You know that joke about marathoners? The one that goes "How do you know if someone has ever finished a marathon? Oh don't worry, they'll tell you." Well, it's kind of true. Runners are a proud group of athletes, and they should be. No matter the distance, 5K to an ultra-marathon, running is hard and it takes a ton of determination and dedication to stick to the sport.

For many runners, that dedication mostly comes from within. After all, you probably don't run unless it's something you love to do. Of course it's not always as easy as getting up and getting out there on your own. So when determination starts to dwindle (and it does for everyone) runners love looking to outside sources for some inspiration, and in this day and age that often includes turning to social media.

Running Inspiration, or "#runspo," as the online running community likes to call it, is all over the Internet, and Instagram is especially active with runners eager to share their experiences and inspire others. And sure, it's fun to poke fun at friends who seem to update their social media profiles with nothing but updates about their most recent workout. But maybe the joke is on the ones who are making fun, because studies have shown that sharing your goals and weekly updates about progress might make it much more likely you'll achieve them. So go ahead, post away.

The following photo streams belong to the most motivating contributors of the Instagram running community. Add them to your feed for a daily dose of inspiration. But don't forget, social media shares won't make you stronger or faster, so when you're done tagging and liking make sure you get out there and go for run, which shouldn't be a problem because you'll most definitely be motivated.