12 Ski Resorts for Non-Skiers

So what if skiing's not your thing? These ski areas have plenty more to do

With some guidance from you, the reader, we recently rounded up our list of the 50 best North American ski resorts. Plenty of powder hounds and snow-sport lovers helped us point out the top picks. But of course not all wintertime travelers are totally into skiing.

Click HERE for photos of the best ski resorts for non-skiers.

That's perfectly fine, because a handful of parks across the continent fully recognize that fact, and they've decked out their resorts with activities and amenities that cater to every type of tourist, no matter what kind of vacation they're after.

Winter wonderland adventures definitely don't have to be all about swooshing down steep, powdery slopes on skis. Have you ever tried snowbiking? What about zip lining or snowmobiling? Plenty of entertaining endeavors like these are available at resorts all across the continent.

While known first and foremost for skiing, some resorts are also renowned for their scenic gondola rides that lead to breathtakingly beautiful views and mountain-top adventures. Others offer the allure of their lively après ski scene or family-friendly auras.

Whatever the appeal, one thing holds true for each: They all offer a unique vacation experience far beyond the slopes.

Click HERE to see 12 great resorts for non-skiers.

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