12 Portable Grills for Your Tailgate, Campsite or Patio

Grill out anywhere, any time of year with these portable picks

Summer may be the season for cooking out in your backyard, but when it comes to tailgating and camping out, grilling is a year-round activity.[slideshow:777]

When you’re grilling away from the comfort of your patio, the portability of your set-up is important. Unless you’re cooking your famous ribs for the whole pre-game crew, you’re probably not going to bring your full-sized rig and a 5-gallon propane tank to the stadium parking lot. At the other extreme, you probably want a better option at your grill-less campsite than propping a flimsy grate over the campfire.

There’s a wide variety of portable grills in between, and some of them even have enough power and cooking space that they might be all you need for home-sweet-home, too (especially if home is an apartment).

We selected a dozen portable grills, ranging from a clever camp stove accessory to a collapsible waist-high grill that weighs 50 pounds. The list includes gas, charcoal and wood-burning options; some are straight-forward miniature versions of your average backyard grill while others are ingenious pieces of engineering. All come well reviewed.

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