BioLite Stove with Grill Attachment from 12 Portable Grills

12 Portable Grills

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BioLite Stove with Grill Attachment

Leave your fuel at home. All you need are some twigs to fire up this surprisingly hot camp stove, which converts excess heat to electricity. That electricity powers a fan that increases airflow to the flames, and there's enough left over to charge your phone—a nice touch for campers short on outlets. The reason the BioLite made our list is the brand-new grill attachment. On its 55 square inches of grilling surface are medium and hot zones, and all you have to do to add more fuel is pop open a lid. The legs fold for storage and there’s a plastic cover (which doubles as a plate) to keep the unwashed grill from griming up your bag or car.
$60 for grill attachment & $130 for stove on


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