Mongolian Death Worm from 12 Monster Myths From Around the World

12 Monster Myths From Around the World

Wikimedia Commons/Pieter Dirkx
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Mongolian Death Worm

Like the “graboids” from the 1990 horror flick "Tremors," these burrowing desert creatures are said to have terrorized nomads in the Gobi Desert for centuries. Ranging from 1 to 2 meters in length, the Olgoï-Khorkhoï, as it’s called in Mongolian, is a supposed red serpentine beast that spits either venom or electricity, and is deadly to the touch. Numerous expeditions, one as recent as 2009, have attempted and failed to run this terror of the Gobi to ground, but that hasn’t stopped continued speculation about its existence in the cryptozoology community.


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