12 Go-Anywhere Power Sources for Your iPhone, Tablet and Must-Have Gadgets

Take these battery packs, fuel cells and fire-powered sources of electricity wherever you go

Whether you’re car camping or heading out for several days on the trail, chances are you’re not about to leave your smartphone behind.[slideshow:815]

And if it’s not your iPhone or Android device, it’s a portable GPS for navigating the backcountry, a tablet for watching movies in your tent or a digital camera for taking your adventures home with you.

So how do you keep the juice flowing when you’re nowhere near an outlet?

We rounded up 12 of the best, most diverse ways of charging your electronics anywhere, so you won’t have to ration your Instagrams like camp meals.

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Some of these options, like Anker’s Astro series, are straightforward: they’re battery packs that you charge before you leave, and hold enough electricity to charge USB-powered devices several times over. Some, like New Trent’s PowerPak and mophie’s juice pack powerstation PRO are designed with the jostling and uncertain conditions of the trail in mind.

Battery packs get the job done, but there are also a number of more environmentally-friendly choices out there. Three of the chargers on our list use heat to generate electricity. One is a camp stove that only requires a few dry twigs for fuel; another is a pot for boiling water; and still another harnesses the power of your campfire.

There’s also a human-powered charger, a solar-powered one, and even one runs with the help of water. The latter uses fuel cells, which it has in common with two other brand-new entries into the market.

And we saved one of the coolest for last—click through the slideshow to see what it is.