12 Free Running Apps for iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a pocket-sized personal running coach

Employing an expert like a personal trainer or coach who can help you reach a sport specific goal is a service that's almost always worth it. However, most of the time it's marked with a hefty price tag, making it a luxury that's often reserved for only the best of the best.

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That's ok though, because at least most of us are lucky enough to own an iPhone. With millions of apps on the market and so many geared specifically towards runners, it's almost as if you can turn your phone into a pocket-sized personal trainer for free. (Well, not counting your phone bill at least.)

Track your distance, map your route, see your splits, get goal specific training plans, and brag about your workouts to all 50 of your Twitter followers. All the latest running apps offer features like these and so much more.

There's an app for every type of runner. If you've never run a day in your life but your New Year's resolution is to complete a 5K, well there's an app that can help you achieve that. If you're a diehard road racer obsessed with tracking the exact mileage on every pair of sneakers that you own, there's an app that can do that for you, too.

The iTunes Store is loaded with a mind-boggling amount of apps made to act as your very own personal running assistant, but these twelve stood out because of rave reviews from users, many media mentions, or simply because there's just nothing else like them out there.