On the Move: 12 Fitness-Friendly Airports

Take a dip, bike ride, or yoga break at these active airports around the world

A long layover has always been a mixed blessing: your ticket may be cheaper and you’ll have plenty of time to make your next flight, but what to do with those two, three, four or more hours in an airport

Reading, watching a movie on your tablet and eating are all fine options—for someone who isn’t in between hours of sitting still on a cramped plane. Some of us want to move, ride a bike, burn off some of that pent up energy (and some of those travel calories).

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Airports haven’t always been the best places for that. They’re often little more than fat traps, littered with calorie-laden cuisine and void of options to log a sweat. Sure, you can always climb stairs or walk up and down the terminals—those are still great options—but that’s not always so easy to do. Fortunately, though, those aren’t your only choices anymore.

Welcome to a new age in travel where airports are finally starting to pay heed to fitness-minded jetsetters. Airport hotels are opening their fitness centers to travelers, terminals are getting yoga rooms, and international airports—where you can get stuck for the better part of a day—are adding the kinds of amenities you see in resorts: pools, bike rentals and golf courses.

The upshot? Getting in a good burn on your next layover has never been easier or more enjoyable—depending, of course, on which airport you’re flying through.

Here are twelve to put on your fitness radar.

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