12 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Were Runners

Twelve stars that love to get their run on

What would you do if you saw Katie Holmes running down the street? And I don’t mean like, running from the paparazzi or Tom. I mean like, working out; running for the benefit of bettering her body. Would you be surprised? Shocked? Star struck? Would you ask her for an autograph, maybe pull her to the side and snap a pic to post on Instagram?

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The chances you might run into a celebrity while you’re out pounding the pavement are pretty slim. But it’s not impossible either. Sure, sometimes it seems like stars have the ability to stay slim and trim despite lying around eating bon-bons all day, but the truth is they have to work out too, and some of them (including Katie) like to run. In fact, you’ll soon find out that some of them don’t enjoy it at all but still do it anyway.

In his upcoming book Feet Don’t Fail Me Now: The Rogue’s Guide to Running the Marathon, author Ben Kaplan interviews a handful of celebrities about running. He mostly talks to them about their favorite workout songs—after all, not all of them are runners—but a select, surprising few just so happen to be a part of the club. 


A few of the following famous figures have run marathons, one is a former Olympic swimmer, and some are just good old recreational runners like you and me. But they all have one thing in common—no matter how far or how fast they go, and whether they hate it or love it—they're all runners.