12 Bad Habits That Cause Weight Gain (And How to Break Them)

Five experts comment on the most common habits that can hinder weight loss

Sometimes we skip out on the gym, accept extra treats at work, or just downright indulge in high-calories foods despite knowing their lack of nutritional value. It’s OK to do these things every now and then, but most of us know that if they become a part of our regular routine (aka, a habit) we’ll eventually start to gain weight.

So, if we avoid these behaviors that most-obviously contribute to weight gain, then maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight should be easier than wasting an entire hour on Buzzfeed quizzes, right? If only it were that simple.

You know that your weight relies heavily on exercising and eating right, and for the most part you make both a part of your regular routine, yet maybe you’re still struggling to achieve your weight loss goal. While habitually incorporating both is pivotal for success, it could be that your progress is being hindered by typical tendencies that aren’t as obvious. After all, according to Dictionary.com a habit is an acquired behavior that’s followed regularly until it becomes almost involuntary.

Whether  you’re aiming to maintain an already healthy weight or your goal is to shed  a bit of extra body fat, your success not only relies on creating and maintaining good habits, but recognizing and breaking the bad ones, too.

We talked to five experts including personal trainers, dieticians, and lifestyle coaches, to find out about the most common behaviors that cause weight gain; things you might do, probably without even realizing, that cause your body to store extra fat despite the fact that you’re trying to get rid of it.

Of course, we all know that old habits die hard, which is why we also asked how to break them. Keep your progress on track and focus on what you’re doing right by avoiding these 12 habits that you might not realize are causing you to gain weight

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