11 Practical Backpacks Under $100

Properly priced packs for every type of adventure

Think back to when you were just an elementary school kid. The inevitable end of every summer came along with an unavoidable feeling of disappointment. Ice cream, pool parties and evenings spent playing in the park were reluctantly traded for school lunches, homework and an early bedtime.

Of course, no child ever wants the summer to end, but at least the approach of Fall always brought on the promise of one thing you could look forward too: a brand new backpack; a snazzy new bag that would make all your friends envious. After all, if you were going to be forced to carry a bunch of boring books around, you were at least going to do it in style.

Back then you were carrying books (and probably a squished PB&J sandwich in a brown paper bag, too), but now you’ve got more important equipment to tote around town (and up mountains and through the woods) and you need a sturdy pack that extends beyond the abilities of a trendy-looking book bag.

You depend on your pack to steadily carry and protect all of your equipment, so quality is key. But you’re parents probably aren’t paying for it anymore, so it’d be nice if you didn’t have to shell out a huge chunk of change for it, too.

From day hikes to road trips and camping adventures to climbing excursions, we’ve rounded up a list of top-notch backpacks with selections for every type of outing. The best part: they’re all under $100, so you won’t have to break the bank, but they’re stylish enough so that you can still make your friends jealous.