Hotel Gyms Worth Traveling For from 11 Hotel Gyms Worth Traveling For

11 Hotel Gyms Worth Traveling For

Hotel Gyms Worth Traveling For

Hyatt Spas

It’s not always easy to fit exercise into a busy travel itinerary and, frankly, most hotel “gyms” don’t provide much help. The scene of three or four old machines packed into a dark hotel basement is all too common—and you can barely even call that a gym. Luckily, many in the travel industry—including hotels and airports—are realizing that fitness is a top priority for travelers and they’re making improvements.

Hotels around the world have not only made it easy for travelers to fit a workout in, but they’ve created beautiful spaces filled with the best trainers and equipment as an incentive. If you’re planning a trip, be sure to check in to one of these hotels with an unbelievable hotel gym.

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel—Chicago, Illinois

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel

Work out among the incredible skyscrapers of Chicago in a stunning 80,000-square-foot outdoor garden, complete with a pool, running track and yoga space. Take in the city view from the deck of the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel or head inside to take advantage of the completely updated 8,000 square-foot gym. Indoors you’ll find another pool, a hardwood basketball court and a staff of personal trainers ready to help you perfect your workout.

La Mamounia—Marrakech, Morocco

La Mamounia

This five-star, award winning hotel packs in the amenities—from their suites to their restaurants and all the way down to their gorgeous gym—everything is stunningly beautiful. In the fitness center, it’s curiously hard to distinguish between indoor and outdoor space with all the natural light and the massive glass doors that open to acres upon acres of surrounding garden. In addition to great equipment, the gym also offers fitness classes in yoga and Pilates.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club—Los Angeles, California

The Los Angeles Athletic Club

Founded in 1880, the Los Angeles Athletic Club has hosted professional and Olympic athletes in its 88,000-square-foot facility. Two indoor pools, a full-size basketball court and high quality machines are main features of the club. Despite its historic roots, the fitness center has not only been able to keep up with the times, but their equipment and expertise is top-notch to this day. How’s that for a hotel gym?

Hotel Unique—Sao Paolo, Brazil

Hotel Unique

The name of this hotel really says it all—set in Sao Paolo, the fitness center at Hotel Unique is truly one-of-a-kind. Inside you’ll find a waterslide that plunges into one of two open-air heated pools, on the second floor you’ll have access to Technogym equipment and when you look through the glass, you can catch a glimpse of swimmers in the pool below. The intricately designed gym also features saunas and personal trainers on call to help guests.

Matakauri Lodge—Queenstown, New Zealand

Matakauri Lodge

This lakeside retreat is just minutes from the center of Queenstown, but the setting feels totally remote. With only 12 suites on the property the gym isn’t exactly large, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with the view. Take in the sight of magnificent snow-capped mountains reflected in Lake Wakatipu from the fitness center or the incredible infinity pool, which is just outside. The gym features great equipment, easy access to the pool and a sauna.

The Grand Hotel—Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Grand Hotel Minneapolis

Described as a local treasure, the 58,000-square-foot Life Time Athletic Club is set in Minneapolis, inside the historic Grand Hotel. The state-of-the-art facility is free for guests of the hotel and features an indoor pool, specialized studios, a running track and the option to hire a personal trainer (for an extra fee).

Amanpuri—Phuket, Thailand


When it comes to luxury health and wellness it’s tough to beat Amanpuri,Amanresorts’ flagship location. Set in Phuket and overlooking the Andaman Sea the resort features 3,800 square feet filled with top-notch equipment to go along with stunning views. The fitness center is perched atop the highest point at the resort, which makes the view from the glass-walled gym that much more spectacular. Enjoy the view from a treadmill and don’t miss the world-class yoga sessions that are held outdoors.

The Venetian—Las Vegas, Nevada

At the heart of the sin city, among the roulette wheels and cocktails, sits something that’s actually pretty darn good for you— the 134,000-square-foot Canyon Ranch SpaClub, which you can find in the famous Venetian resort. The massive facility features a 40-foot climbing wall, hundreds of machines, personal trainers, body composition analysis services and tons more. Entry is typically free for guests of the hotel, but visitors can get in for $40 a day.

St. Regis Mexico City—Mexico City, Mexico

St. Regis Mexico City

Take the elevator to floor 15 for the crystal clear pool, fully-stocked gym and unreal views of Mexico City. Treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes are set up against massive windows that ensure you’re in on all the action happening in the city below. Take a swim in the infinity pool, relax in the Jacuzzi or sweat it out in this awesome hotel gym.

Hilton Anatole—Dallas, Texas

Hilton Anatole

A quick two miles from the downtown epicenter of Dallas, the Hilton Anatole is home to the Verandah Club, a top-of-the-line 80,000-square-foot fitness center. Perched among a seven-acre park, there are no shortage of indoor and outdoor amenities to keep you fit. Just a few of the more notable features include indoor and outdoor pools, a cushioned outdoor running track, a full basketball court, tennis courts and a boxing gym. The only downside: it’ll cost you an extra $16 per day to use the massive gym.

Park Hyatt Seoul—Seoul, South Korea

Hyatt Spas

Set in the bustling capital city of Seoul, the Park Hyatt has saved it’s most impressive real estate for the fitness center. Located on the top floor, this gorgeous gym offers incredible views and personalized instruction from top trainers. The spa and fitness center combination is one of the best in the city and the rest of the hotel certainly isn’t bad either.