11 Hilarious Fitness-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Move over candy, these costumes show off the fitter side of Halloween

Muscle and Fitness Magazine

Six pack abs have never been so easy. All you need is an issue of your favorite fitness magazine, a local Kinko's, and a pair of scissors. 

Michael Phelps

Take it from this little kitten. You don't have to be a fish to dress up as Michael Phelps, in fact, you can hate the water altogether. 

Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons

Leg warmers, body suits, and big hair. Nothing shouts fitness like the workout video pros pictured here.

Richard Simmons

Having trouble creating a Richard Simmons costume on your own? Well, Party City has you covered with this 'Exercise Maniac Accessory Kit'.

80s Workout Woman

There are endless ways to dress up that lovable 80s exercise fashion. Everyone will be blinded by your colorful workout-class personality in this get-up. 


An idol of the masses, rock hard abs not included. Show what it means to be a real underdog in this classic costume idea. 

Marathon Runner

This little guy was born to run a marathon. Took him less than a year to train and qualify, too.

Super Strong Man

Strongman is a classic. Those realistic arm muscles will have everyone wondering if you are in costume, or have just been working out.

Kettle Bells

You may not get away with dressing up as a cute iPood Kettle Bell as an adult, but I'm sure this photo can inspire some hilarious CrossFit costume ideas.

American Gladiators

Show off your strength, agility, and American spirit in memorium of the classic TV program, American Gladiators.

An Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And with that big of an apple, you'll be fit for life.

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