10-Year-Old Crushes 5.14a Climb

Jonathan Hörst is the youngest ever to successfully scale this grade

Attention tiger mothers: chess and violin, out; climbing, in.

Ten-year-old Jonathan Hörst added his name to the list of climbing prodigies last week by scaling the 5.14a-grade “God’s Own Stone” in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge.

Climbing magazine notes that this ascent technically makes Hörst the youngest person ever to scale such a steep grade—by four months. Last year two other ten-year-olds tackled climbs of this grade, Brooke Raboutou, also on God’s Own Stone, and the aptly named Italian Tito Traversa, who will doubtless summit K2 on a pogo stick by the time he’s old enough to drive.

And of course there’s 11-year-old Ashima Shiraishi, called the “tiniest rockstar” by our fair publication, who has already sent 5.14c’s at the Red River Gorge.

Hörst’s father is accomplished climber and author Eric Hörst.

Jonathan Hörst’s older brother Cameron, then 11, completed the same ascent last year, giving the two something to fight over in the car on their way to McDonald’s for an after-climb treat.

“I did it first!” said a fictionalized Cameron.

“Well, I was younger, so there!” retorted the equally fictional version of Jonathan.

But seriously, folks, kids like climbing on things, so it was only a matter of time.

Via The Goat.

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