10 Tips for Successful Goal-Setting

It's never too late to set new goals

Are you a little bit behind in setting your New Year’s Resolution? Did you slack off a bit on training during the holidays? Don’t get down about it! It’s never too late to set new goals and gear up for the upcoming year. If you’re not sure where to start, use these ten tips to help jump start your plan and make this year your most successful yet.

1. Take a Deep Breath
It’s ok if you didn’t meet last year’s goals; you have a whole new year ahead of you. Take a deep breath, grab a pen and paper, and write out your new goals. Categorizing them can help. Maybe you have some nutrition goals, running goals, or relationship goals. Write out a few different lists. Treat yourself to warm tea or coffee, and take your time to reflect on what you want to accomplish most.

2. Put It In Plain Sight
Post your list of goals somewhere you will see it daily, like on your bedroom door or your bathroom mirror. Being reminded of these goals on a daily basis will help keep them at the forefront of your mind as you work towards them. Remember, goals can be big or small. Some you might hit right away, others could take all year to accomplish.

3. Passion Is Important
Through my own experiences, I’ve found that you have to really believe in your goals in order to accomplish them. Be passionate about what you’re trying to achieve and use positive affirmations to keep yourself focused and motivated when the going gets tough.

4. Announce Your Ambitions
You don’t have to share everything, but sharing some of your goals with a close friend or family member will help hold you accountable. We could use a helping hand every now and then, and sharing both your trials and success will make the process feel more worthwhile. Everyone has their own goals, but there’s no reason we all can’t work together to help each other reach them.

5. Jot It Down
Keep a journal about your goals. Writing about your struggles and challenges can be extremely helpful when it comes to working past them, and writing about the enjoyable parts of the process is a good idea too. Journaling will also help you to hold yourself accountable. When the year is done, you can read back on journal entries and track the progress you made.

6. Celebrate
Celebrate both the big and small accomplishments. Even when it comes to meeting goals half-way, let yourself be excited about the progress. Instead of focusing too closely on the end result, allow yourself to enjoy the entire process along the way by celebrating each small victory.

7. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone
Instead simply aiming to “run more” or “eat better,” try setting goals that you can get excited about. Pick an actionable goal and start working towards it today. Sign up for that race you’ve always wanted to run right now and don’t wait to start training for it. Aim to try something you’ve never done before. Don’t limit yourself to all of the same ordinary goals.

9. Ease Up
Now, I’m not saying you should slack off. Instead, if you fall back, don’t be so hard on yourself. Slip ups happen to everyone. The key is to not let yourself feel defeated. If you fall off track, don’t think twice about it. Just pick up where you left off and refer to the previous eight tips for inspiration.

10.Start Now
No more delaying. Get out that pen and paper and start writing right now.