10 Things You Should Never Do Before a Workout

Get a full performance workout by avoiding these common mistakes

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a low key exerciser, hitting the gym is a top priority to build strength and stay in shape. But, so often, we forget about how important it is to keep track of what you do before and after a workout. Your lifestyle can affect your performance at the gym, without you even knowing it. [slideshow:1074]

Reaching your fitness goals takes time and discipline in the gym as well as at home. It includes managing your diet, keeping track of your routines, and finding balance. Your performance will depend on the choices you make before you workout just as much as the choices you make at the gym.

So, to help decipher exactly what not to do before heading to the gym, we went to the experts. Dan Flores, a personal trainer at FitLink is constantly reminding and warning his clients of the important things to remember never to do before a workout. Mike Clancy, certified sports nutritionist, trainer and owner of private personal training company MikeClancyTraining is a health and wellness expert who gave some important info on eating before a workout.

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Tracey Gerety, trainer and creator of FitWalk also had some helpful tips, and reminds to never forget water. “You need H2O, to replenish muscles and give you the energy to push through.  Hydration is key to any activity, it gives energy to all living cells. Drink 6 to 8 ounces one hour prior to your workout and properly replenish depending on how challenging after your workout.”

Drinking water, and other tips for what to do before a workout are important to note, but knowing what not to do is just as substantial. Commonly we are told to stretch before a workout, but did you know that static stretching is actually not beneficial beforehand?

The tips from the experts include static stretching and nine other things you should never do before. They also advise that you always head to the gym with a plan. Know what your workout will be before you get there so you don’t waste any time or energy, and reach your optimal performance.

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