10 Things We Love About Spring

The best active aspects of spring, your new to do list

Spring is most often associated with pastel colors, blooming flowers and gardening projects—so many gardening projects. But at the Active Times, we’re more excited about all the possibilities that spring brings for outdoor adventures. Longer days, warmer temperatures and that distinct spring smell mark the beginning of limitless outdoor fun and we’re too excited to keep it to ourselves. Check out our list of things we love about spring and let us know what your favorite spring things are.

1. Spring Skiing
Before our favorite slopes close, spring offers an amazing fusion of sun and snow. Nothing is better than gliding over soft snow in nothing but a base layer, except maybe the epic end of the season celebrations. Goggle tans are so in right now.

2. Paddling
All that melting snow has to go somewhere, and that's where you should be too. Paddling is a great workout and is a prime sight seeing activity. When heading out this Spring make sure you have both a life jacket and a wetsuit, as water doesn't warm as quickly as air.

3. White Water Rafting
Attention adventure junkies, if you haven’t been white water rafting in April, you’re missing out. This month is the best time for a trip due to maximal runoff from winter. The water will be running quick before summer so get out there now for the best conditions.

4. Biking
Unless you’ve jumped on the fat bike bandwagon, chances are you haven’t gotten out on a bike much this winter. Stationary bikes just aren’t the same as being out on the road (or dirt). So dust off that ten-speed, give it a tune up and feel the spring breeze and sunshine on your first ride of the season.

5. Open Windows
Fresh air does wonders for your mood. Air out your home or office, smell the sweet spring air and give in to the temptation to go outside.

6. Obstacle Races and Fitness Challenges
These trendy competitions are drawing some big crowds and attention. Extreme challenges can be done in the winter, and some are exclusively held in the winter, but we think they’re more fun when you don’t get pneumonia afterward.

7. Tree Courses
Tree-top adventure courses make for a great spring outing. Monkeying around on zip lines, suspended bridges, swinging logs and scramble nets far above the ground will really get your heart pumping. Most courses open in the spring, and there’s no time like the present.

8. Road Trips
There’s nothing like driving with the windows down to explore some new and exciting places. Road trips are the classic way to explore the little known places you normally wouldn’t see in an airplane or bus. Planning one of these excursions for late spring is ideal, because it’s much more fun driving in sunshine than in blizzard conditions.

9. Picnics
This go-to spring date idea is brilliant. Get the best of both worlds by enjoying the outdoors while also eating a great meal. Bonus points if you bring a Frisbee.

10. Rock Climbing
Spring brings the opportunity to improve and expand personal fitness. If you enjoy climbing indoors, take it outside and hone your skills on some real rock.