Summer Trips Perfect for You and Your Dog from 10 Summer Trips Perfect for You and Your Dog

10 Summer Trips Perfect for You and Your Dog

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Summer Trips Perfect for You and Your Dog

Summertime means trips to the beach, exploring new cities and other awesome vacations, but you don’t have to travel alone. Before you start planning your summer trips and arranging for a dog sitter, consider bringing your best friend with you. There are plenty of dog-friendly destinations that both you and your four-legged friend will enjoy. Take a look at our list for inspiration.

Beach Trip

The quintessential summer trip, a visit to the beach, could be a great trip option for you and your dog. There are a bunch of beaches that are dog-friendly—Sanibel Island off the coast of Florida is a particularly dog-friendly destination and there are other awesome options up north.


The great outdoors and dogs, it’s a perfect match. Many campsites across the country are dog-friendly—even some Disney campsites allow four-legged friends—so do your research and find an area with hiking trails open to dogs.

Visit a Vineyard

Beautiful outdoor vineyards, friends enjoying good wine and dogs relaxing in the grass, if that sounds like a great vacation than maybe it’s time to find a dog-friendly winery. It shouldn’t be too tough—in Sonoma Valley, Calif. there are more than 50 dog-friendly wineries and many other vineyards around the country are welcoming of your pup too. Some have events specifically for dogs, while others have great doggy happy hours.

Paddle Out

Expert dog-paddlers will love a vacation on the water and there are more ways than ever to paddle out with your pup. From Key West, Fla. to Del Mar, Calif., you can find great dog-friendly water-sport companies. A quick Google search should tell you if there’s one close to your ideal destination.

Visit a National Park

America’s best idea is even better when our energetic four-legged friends can come along. While many national parks don’t allow dogs, there are a few that are incredibly dog-friendly and many state parks are pet-friendly too. Check here for a list of national parks that your pup is sure to love.

Take a Guided Tour

Join a group and follow an experienced guide through some of the most impressive natural wonders in the country. Dreamland Safari Tours allows one or two dogs per tour and the only place they’re not allowed is Toroweap. Your pup will love trekking through easily-hikeable slot canyons and past dinosaur tracks in Kanab, Utah, or if there’s another tour you want to take, ask if they allow dogs.

Sail the Seas

Sea dogs and their ocean-loving owners will have a great time sailing the seas on a dog-friendly boat. Dog Gone Sailing Charters in Provincetown, Mass. and Mercury’s Canine Cruise in Chicago, Ill. both welcome furry friends. Take in the salty sea air along with the sights, and don’t worry about life jackets, Dog Gone Sailing Charter has many sizes for both humans and dogs.

Enjoy an Amusement Park

For those dog-owner pairs who like their outdoor adventure with a side of man-made thrill, some amusement parks welcome dogs who are comfortable in the setting. Knoebels in Pennsylvania, for example, is open to dogs and features rides along with shops, a pool and an 18-hole golf course. Dogs who don’t mind a crowd will enjoy this outdoor park.

Explore a New City

The wilderness isn’t the only place where a guide may come in handy; many cities across the country have walking tours that allow dogs and some, like Oliver Bentleys Historic Walking Tour in Savana, are tailored to dogs specifically. See Boston, New York and Portland with your pup and enjoy summer in the city.

Go Golfing

If you’ve ever felt guilty leaving your best bud behind as you took off for a few hours of golf at a local course, than a whole golf trip is probably out of the question. That is unless you head to one of several dog-friendly golf clubs where your dog can accompany you on your round. From Belgrade Lakes Golf Club in Maine to Discovery Bay Golf Club in Washington, there are pet-friendly courses from coast to coast. Take your four-legged friend out for some fresh air and putting, just be sure to keep an eye out and clean up any mess left behind.

A few quick tips for a safe and enjoyable trip…

—Take a trip to the vet before you leave for your trip, just to make sure everything’s okay. You should also research vet offices around your destination in case of emergency.

—Remember to bring a crate, all tags and vaccination information and a picture of your pooch. Airlines and hotels often require proof of vaccination and a crate. The picture will help should you lose your dog in a foreign place.

—It’s a good idea to request a room on the first floor, near an exit, so you can easily leave to walk your dog.

—Always remember to clean up after your dog, obey leash laws and other local customs.

—Keep your dog’s limits in mind, especially in the summer heat and bring water with you wherever you go.

10 Summer Trips Perfect for You and Your Dog