10 Spectacular Rainforests Around the World from 10 Spectacular Rainforests Around the World

10 Spectacular Rainforests Around the World

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10 Spectacular Rainforests Around the World

Most people in today have little or no connection to rainforests, both tropical and temperate, which makes it easy to forget their importance, and also their mysterious allure.

While these habitats and the creatures that inhabit them continue to face threats (theWorld Wildlife Foundationestimates that 46 to 58 thousand square miles of forest are lost each year, or 36 football fields every minute) many scientists estimate there’s still a significant amount of fauna and flora species left to be discovered.

As TreeHugger reporter Stephen Messenger put it, for biologists, this presents somewhat of a race against time.

Preserving these ecological powerhouses is of extreme importance, and perhaps a close-up view— whether through real life or virtual travel—can serve as one of the best reminders of their all-encompassing importance. 

Whether you’re ready to set out on your next safari or simply want to learn more about the world and it’s rainforests, these spectacular ecosystems are sure you reignite your primitive connection to nature.


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