10 Simple Tricks for Making this Your Fittest Summer Ever

Get your "get fit for summer" plan back on track with these 10 easy tips

Summer is in full swing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your “get fit for summer” plan is, too.

That’s OK, though. Because (as many of us have experienced personally) it’s really easy to get sidetracked—one minute it’s spring and you’re diligently putting your “get fit” plan together, and then all of a sudden it’s mid-July and you’re not quite sure where all of that time in between went (but you sure as heck know you didn’t spend as much of it implementing your plan as you had hoped).

Barbecues, beach trips and long vacations, these are just a few of the things that knock us off track around this time of year. But even if you feel like these things got in your way, it doesn’t matter, because anytime is a good time to focus on getting fit and healthy.

So, even though summer is already here, you can still use the following tips and tricks, suggested by Lisa Anter, a Largee Fitness instructor and an indoor cycling instructor at Revelry Indoor Cycling and Fitness in San Mateo, California, to make this summer your fittest summer ever.

1. Smooth Start
"After an intense cardio session, your body craves a cool fruit smoothie,” Anter says. “Freeze your smoothie overnight and bring it to your workout in the morning. Once you’ve completed your hour session it will be defrosted to perfection.”

2. App It!
Download an app like Fitsby or Gym Pact,” Anter suggests. “They both guilt you to get your fitness on by deducting money from your bank account if you skip your scheduled routine.”

3. Can’t get out of bed to hit the gym in the morning?
“Place a bottle of water and your alarm clock across the room,” Anter explains. “When the alarm clock goes off, take a big drink of water to jumpstart your metabolism. Now, you’re already up, so might as well hit the gym!”

4. Power Down
It’s summertime, so skip the normal daily routine and ride your bike to work instead,” says Anter. “You will get a sun-kissed workout before your day even starts.”

5. Shell It Out
“Swap out your taco shells for crisp lettuce leaves,” Anter suggests. “Pile it high with your favorite fresh veggies or seasoned turkey meat.”

6. Commercial Break!
Is it a Bachelor night? “Work your core with sit-ups, push-ups and crunches on each of the commercial breaks,” Anter explains.

7. Pack Ahead
“Keep your gym bag packed with clothes for the week,” Anter says. “When you eliminate the need to stop home to change the less chance you have of backing out to watch your favorite TV show instead.”

8. Bring a Buddy
“Get a group text moving with your primary group of fitness buddies to keep the weekly momentum going,” Anter suggests. “The shame of bailing and letting down a group of people is great motivation.”

9. Eat Some Ice Cream
“Making your own ice cream is as easy as one, two three—just blend two frozen bananas with two tablespoons of milk or juice and one teaspoon of vanilla,” explains Anter. “Voila! You've got a guilt-free indulgence. Drizzle it with a little melted dark chocolate for an extra treat.”

10. Loving Lagree!
Anter calls Largee Fitness a “craze that’s sweeping the nation. “You can burn up to 700 calories in each session with Lagree Fitness,” she said. “The workout you get in two classes is the same as five workouts a week. You will be amazed how quickly you see results.” Learn more here.

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