10 Signs Your Workouts Are Ineffective

Just because you're seeing results doesn't mean your workout is ideal

OK so let’s address the obvious: wouldn’t it be easy to tell if your workouts weren’t effective? You’d be able to tell by the fact that you weren’t seeing results, right?

Well yes, that’s one sign that might mean your exercise routine isn’t quite on track. But ineffective exercise is only one reason among a list of many that could explain why you’re not reaching your fitness goals.

And just like there are many different factors that can hinder your progress and success, there are a handful of different signs that may indicate your workouts aren’t working so well.

It’s always important to pay close attention to all aspects of your health and fitness, but especially when you begin a new exercise routine. That means, in addition to exercising regularly and eating nutritiously, taking care of yourself by being mindful about things like your energy levels, sleeping patterns and how your body feels overall.

If any of these things are off, it could be a result of an inadequate or inefficient workout routine.

Read on to learn what sort of signs you should watch out for and what you can do to adjust your exercise plan to make it most efficient and effective.

You're not seeing results.

As we mentioned earlier, this is probably the most obvious of all the signs. “Whether or not weight loss is your goal, it is a solid meter for success,” says Boston-based personal trainer and group exercise instructor Caroline Earle. “If you're workouts are no longer helping you attain the goals you've previously set for yourself, it's time to reevaluate your fitness routine.”

You're always tired.

“One word: overtraining,” says Earle. If you’re constantly tired and always feeling fatigued there’s a good chance you’re exercising too much or spending too much time exercising at high intensities. One easy way to ensure that you’re body isn’t being over-trained is to track your resting heart rate. If it begins to increase over time it probably means you need to cut back a bit and give your body more time for rest and recovery.

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