Ikaria, Greece: The Diet from 10 Secrets from the World's Longest-Living People

10 Secrets from the World's Longest-Living People

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Ikaria, Greece: The Diet

Buettner reported that the Ikarian diet consisted mainly of vegetables harvested from their gardens, legumes, leafy greens and “plenty” of olive oil. “Their diet was also typical: a breakfast of goat’s milk, wine, sage tea or coffee, honey and bread,” Buettner wrote. “Lunch was almost always beans (lentils, garbanzos), potatoes, greens (fennel, dandelion or a spinachlike green called horta) and whatever seasonal vegetables their garden produced; dinner was bread and goat’s milk.” Additionally, according to Buettner, Ikarians are known for drinking many antioxidant-rich herbal teas made with ingredients like wild mint or rosemary.


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