10 Problems Only Runners Understand

Let's dive into the dirty details of this addictive sport


Before you started running I bet no one told you about how messed up your feet could get or that you’d develop an addiction to shopping for active wear. Becoming an avid runner means having to deal with a long list of new problems in your life. Not all “runner problems” are negative, though. Anyone who’s grown to love the sport knows about its many upsides.

Like how after you start running you’ll be more motivated to eat healthier and the fact that you’ll probably make a handful of fun new friends. And then there’s the race medals, bagels, and stylish sneakers, too. These are the things we enjoy talking about when we talk about running.

But let’s not neglect the less glamorous side of the sport, like blisters, chafing, and steep race entry fees. No one ever wants to talk about the difficult stuff, but it’s all just as real as runner’s high and it needs to be addressed.

From the outside running might look graceful (at least some runners make it look that way), but by no means is it a pretty sport. It will tear you up, break you down, and leave you broke, yet somehow you love it a little more every day. Maybe that's because it gives back twice as much as it takes every time you lace up your shoes and hit the pavement.

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