10 Office-Friendly Fitness Accessories

Gadgets to spice up your sedentary 9 to 5 routine

We could complain until the end of time about the simple fact that we never have enough time. Our universally busy schedules are as central to modern American culture as fatty fast food and obesity. Are you seeing a pattern?

Well, in the spirit of American innovation and technological advancement, we are finding ways to cram exercise into our ever-busier schedules. [slideshow:889]

For those who work 9 and 10 hour days—the new norm—it’s hard to pull yourself out of bed extra early and at the end of the day all energy and good intention is long gone. Bringing cool gadgets and traditional gym gear into the workplace is also more realistic than thinking you could make it to your local fitness center, where you will work out, shower and make it back, all in less than 30 minutes. Many professionals will find that the only way to fit it all in is to either multitask or lend small chunks of time to exercising throughout the workday.

These workplace workouts aren’t a new phenomenon, but many of these gadgets make it more effective and more discreet. Some of the featured products are pure genius, and others, maybe not so much, but we’ve compiled a comprehensive list anyway. Whatever you love to do at your local gym, there is likely an office-friendly accessory ready to make your life a little easier.