Office Accessories to Help You Get Fit at Work from 10 Office Accessories to Help You Get Fit at Work

10 Office Accessories to Help You Get Fit at Work

Office Accessories to Help You Get Fit at Work

We know that sedentary lifestyles come with a slew of health problems later in life, it’s important to get moving now. We’ve rounded up 10 office accessories that will get you standing, moving and some of these will even provide a full workout. Maintaining your health and fitness is a full time job and some of these tools can make that job easier.

The Level

This stationary board was made to get you moving even when work requires you stay put. Designed with aluminum base and a top deck made of bamboo ($389) or hard wood maple laminate ($289/ $269), the board elicits subtle movement in your legs. The movement is enough to get the blood pumping and when paired with a standing desk, the level is a great fit in the office.; $269-$389

The Standing Desk

Chances are you’ve heard that moving around throughout the day can prevent serious health problems in the long run—the best way to ensure you stand throughout the day is to get a desk that accommodates the standing position. There are plenty of standing desks available (and you can make your own) but this one from Ergotron is a good choice.; $450 

The In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Take your elliptical workout out of the gym and into the office with this tiny fitness tool. The mini elliptical trainer can fit under the desk and tracks strides, exercise time and calories burned. The trainer can be used sitting or standing to stimulate blood flow in the lower body.; $95

The Fitness Ball Chair

The fitness ball trend is a popular solution for sedentary workers. The ball supposedly promotes good posture and core muscle engagement, but some say these benefits are unproven. Whatever the case may be, you can always take it off the base and use it for crunches and triceps dips during your lunch break. The ball doesn’t cost much ($20) but the stand can get a bit costly, ranging from $52 to $149.; $79

The Champ Boxing Couch

This one-of-a-kind piece of fitness furniture pulls double duty as both a couch and a punching bag. Best for those with a private office, this hybrid couch helps relieve frustration, provides a great cardio workout and sends your pulse racing.; price not available 

The Walkstation

The walk station or treadmill desk is one of the most notorious solutions to stagnant workdays. In addition to fitting in some mild cardio, ditching the chair has a wide array of benefits of its own. If you can get your boss onboard, most models will set you back at least $1,000.

The Desk Bike

If the stationary bike is your go-to in the gym, the desk bike will be your favorite seat in the office. The bike easily folds for storage and it tracks workout metrics. Kick up the resistance and get in a tough workout while you work or cruse just to get your legs moving.; $110

The Hand Fitness Trainer

Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Award, this device is said to aid in the treatment of conditions like osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis, among others. The trainer works by providing resistance when opening your hand, working the muscles that are neglected in everyday motion. It can be used on either hand and could also benefit forearms and upper arms.; $30

The GymyGym Chair

The GymyGym chair looks like a typical ergonomic office seat until you take a closer look. Outfitted with resistance bands and several handles, the chair offers ways to exercise practically every major part of your body: arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and legs. What this particular piece of equipment lacks in subtlety during use, it makes up for in a dynamic and convenient office work out.; $799

The Tao 2.0

This tiny portable fitness accessory provides a workout almost anywhere. With the help of an app, Tao 2.0 guides you through more than 50 strength training exercises and tracks your progress. The little device provides resistance when you apply force, which makes for a solid isometric workout on the go.; price not available