The Least Crowded National Parks from The 10 Least Crowded U.S. National Parks

The 10 Least Crowded U.S. National Parks
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The Least Crowded National Parks

People clamor to see half dome in Yosemite, they stand shoulder-to-shoulder to watch Old Faithful and it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that 4,756,771 people took in the view of the Grand Canyon in 2014 alone. These parks may be incredible, but boy can they be crowded.

Luckily there are 58 unbelievable national parks with millions of acres of protected land, some of which are visited so infrequently that the wildlife almost surely outnumber the annual visitors. These are the secluded spots far from typical civilization, where moose, bears and wolves roam free and natural beauty overwhelms the senses. A visit to one of these parks may be tough, as a few are completely without roads, but the rewards will be worth it.

Brush up on your backcountry skills and survival tactics and take a look at our list of the least crowded national parks.


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