10 Healthy Habits that Keep You Young from 10 Healthy Habits that Keep You Young

10 Healthy Habits that Keep You Young

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10 Healthy Habits that Keep You Young

Smooth skin, a slender body, healthy hair; many of us are after these youthful attributes, and practicing healthy habits can help to maintain them. But taking care of your body can provide benefits that are much deeper, like a decreased risk for many diseases, pain-free joints and muscles, and an overall longer and happier life. "People all over the world spend tons of money on beauty products to counter the effects of aging," says Sophie Jaffe, a certified raw food nutritionist and creator of Philosophie raw food supplements. "They buy creams, serums, and gadgets in the hope that looking their best will help them to feel their best as well, but creating beauty from the inside out just might be a more effective approach." Maintaining your youth may not exactly be easy, but instead of spending your money on overpriced products that probably don't work, you can slow the aging process naturally by following these ten healthy habits.


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