10 Habits of Successful Athletes

Setting goals, keeping records and 8 other things top-tier athletes do regularly

Athletic excellence doesn’t just happen. Being the best in anything takes lots of work, some natural skill and the right mindset, especially when it comes to physical feats.[slideshow:1316]

Though athletic accomplishment may look like it comes easy to some, that’s never really the case; the pros that make it look so easy have often struggled more than you would imagine. Those who have been successful have not always had an easy path, but they do have a few key habits in common.

Establishing goals, learning from mistakes and always training hard are just a few of the abilities that extraordinary athletes share. Regardless of specific sport or activity, there are a few repeatable actions that set some apart from the rest.

Humans are creatures of habit and that might not be such a bad thing when you consider this list of 10 habits successful athletes share.

Set Short and Long-Term Goals

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard about the importance of goals to success and it certainly won’t be the last. Goals without action are just dreams and action taken without goals is, at best, haphazard. Setting personal short and long-term goals gives an athlete a clear path, a way to measure success and, most importantly, motivation. All successful athletes have decided on their own goals and then started taking steps to meet those goals.

Picture Success

Whether it’s right before a competition or just before a training session, many of the best athletes out there have taken time to picture themselves winning or crushing their workout. Physical performance is largely mental, yet some people overlook the mind almost entirely.  Great athletes often say they picture themselves succeeding beforehand—the process helps them clear the mind, relax the body and sets them up to win.

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