10 Charming Treehouses for Rent Around the World

Excite your inner child

Hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and even tents; these are all places you would probably consider acceptable accommodations for your next vacation.

Well what about a tree? Would you mind sleeping amidst birds and their fellow canopy dwellers as part of your next getaway?

OK, we're not talking about literally sleeping in a tree. We wouldn’t expect you to turn a branch into your bed. (Although, if you did do that we’d give you major props.) We're talking about treehouse tourism; a rapidly growing niche within in the travel industry that we absolutely adore, not only for its eco-friendly features, but also for its ability to channel that adventure-seeking, tree-climbing child that lives inside us all.

Across the U.S. and around the world more and more treehouses are becoming available for overnight stays the same way you might book a room in a traditional hotel. In fact the craze is becoming so popular that Pete Nelson— a professional treehouse builder and the owner of Treehouse Point, a treehouse resort in Fall City, Washington— is the star of his own Animal Planet show, Treehouse Masters.

The best part about the growth of this travel trend is that the availability of so many different types of treehouses provides getaway opportunities for all types of personalities.

From rugged cabins tucked away deep within the rainforest to elegant abodes equipped with endless amenities, a wide variety of styles and locations to choose from make it easy to create the treehouse getaway of your dreams. (We know, your seven-year-old self is jumping up and down right now.)

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