10 Best Ways to Track Weight Loss

Ditch the scale and try one of these methods instead

We might as well put it out there: feeling great, being healthy and loving exercise are only some of the reasons people workout. Let’s be honest, we all care about how we look—and some of us care a whole lot. [slideshow:916]

Investing time and energy in weight loss can be either rewarding or frustrating depending not only on how you attempt to lose weight, but also how you keep track. That’s why we’ve called on two personal trainers who run blogs on maintaining healthy lifestyles to steer us in the right direction when it comes to keeping track of weight loss.

Maureen (Moe) Faherty is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach and blogger; she’s also a bikini competitor who has become an expert at tracking weight loss for upcoming competitions.

Bobbi-Marie McCormick is a certified personal trainer, kickboxing instructor and she runs a blog on everything from food to fitness.

Surprisingly—or maybe not so surprisingly—both said they track their weight loss progress by the fit of their clothes. “I think my clothes are the biggest determination of where I am in my weight loss journey,” said McCormick.

They both had the same opinion of the scale; basically it’s terrible unless you’re working on major weight loss. “I don’t rely on what the scale says because I’ve actually weighed more but felt better simply because of increased muscle. For this reason, I never step on a scale,” said Faherty.

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The factors that help people keep weight off vary, but there are a few tested methods that seem to work. Keeping track of weight loss is one such strategy. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that half of the people tested who were able to keep the weight off wrote down what they were eating.

McCormick and Faherty agree that tracking usually helps, but it is important to pick a tracking method and stay with it. “It’s easier to compare apples to apples than apples to oranges,” said Moe.

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