10 of the Best U.S. Lake Beaches from 10 of the Best U.S. Lake Beaches

10 of the Best U.S. Lake Beaches

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10 of the Best U.S. Lake Beaches

Some people who were fortunate enough to grow up near the ocean coast have stubborn opinions about what constitutes a “real” beach. When referring to a lake, you may hear them utter something along the lines of, “Yeah, but that’s not actually the beach.” For some reason they tend to think that the sandy shores of a picturesque lake don’t quiet equate to that of an ocean shoreline.

Sure, ocean and lake beaches have their differences, but what these closed-minded coastal natives fail to recognize is that plenty of U.S. lakes offer truly unique beach settings with pristine landscapes that could easily contend against some of our nation’s most beloved coastlines.

Maybe you won’t get a magnificent view of the vast horizon or waves perfect for surfing, but what lake beaches lack in size they certainly make up for in scenery and individuality.

The following lake beaches, easily considered among the best in all of the United States, perfectly exemplify this sentiment and serve as truly unique waterfront destinations for beach-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts of all different types.


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