The 10 Best Running Shoe Brands

We asked and you voted; our survey says these are the most beloved running shoe brands

The runners (that’s you) have spoken and the results are in. Our quest to find out which running shoe brand you think is best is complete, and we’re ready to share the results.

You had a lot to say about your favorite brands, and thanks to your colorful commentary we learned a lot about what it is you love so much about your favorite running shoes and the people who make them.

First and foremost, we hear loud and clear that above all else you most appreciate a running shoe that’s comfortable. Of course, this comes as no surprise; who wants to run mile after mile in a shoe that can’t keep your feet happy? Certainly not us!

Second, many of you are all about minimal, lightweight shoes that provide just a small amount of comfy cushioning; the three brands with the most votes all received endless praise for these qualities.

And third, you also value shoes that are durable; sneakers that hold up over time and the many miles you cover each week.

You shared a wide range of different opinions about your favorite running shoe makers, but in the end only one brand could come out on top. Although, we will say the fight for the number one spot was a very close one—the first place brand snuck ahead of number two with just one vote.

Are you curious about which brands have been dubbed the best? Keep reading to find out!

#10 The North Face

Although The North Face isn’t typically the first brand that might come to mind when thinking about running shoes, and their footwear for runners is fairly new to the market, our survey respondents touted the brand’s reliability. One commenter mentioned their sneakers are particularly good for trail running. “Good fit and good quality,” they added.

#9 Salomon

Similar to The North Face, Salomon manufactures a wide range of outdoor equipment and apparel, but according to one reader their running shoes are top notch because they’re made with quality and cater to the pro running experience.

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