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10 Best Energy Gels,,
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The Best Energy Gels

From drinks and gels to chews and bars, as an endurance athlete you have many options when it comes to in-race fueling. Not to mention, all of the many different brands that offer these types of products. With so many different choices to consider, if you haven’t already found the tried and tested energy supplement that works best for you, figuring out where to start might feel a tiny bit overwhelming.

Since what’s best for one athlete might not be the right option for another, there isn’t necessarily a definitive ranking of energy supplements. Instead, we’ve highlighted out ten favorite brands (based on personal use, ingredients and essential extras like caffeine and electrolytes) and included a list of each product’s most important specs based on the nutritional information provided on each brand’s website. Use this list to compare and contrast products so that you can test them based on your own personal needs until you find the supplement that works best for you.


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