The 10 Best College Towns for Cyclists

These communities have the highest rates of bike commuting in America

The freedom and flexibility of traveling on two wheels goes hand in hand with the college lifestyle.

Note the typical college town: empty in summer, raging weekend nights, sports, sports and more sports, bars, pubs, clubs, cafes, whole districts peopled by professors and semi-slums peopled by students… and all the clean bike lanes to get you between.

Maybe that’s why these bastions of higher learning often lead the way when it comes to commuting by bike.

Last month the League of American Bicyclists released its annual report on the state of American bike commuting, using data from the Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey. Topping the list of communities with the highest percentage of bike commuters were—you guessed it—college towns.

Towns like Berkeley, Calif., and Fort Collins, Colo. Go above and beyond to integrate cycling into the town’s daily life. Well-maintained bike lanes, storage facilities, bike libraries and easily accessible service stations are just some of the ways these communities encourage pedal-powered commuting.

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