10 Active Dates for a Hot Valentine’s Day

Get those hearts pumping with one of our active date ideas

Convenience stores and candy commercials have been building anticipation for weeks now and Valentine’s Day is finally here. Despite the fact that it’s an annual holiday, it tends to sneak up on us, don’t feel bad if you’re plans are still a little undeveloped. If you’re struggling to come up with date ideas, dying to prove that you can be romantic and creative—even if you’re playing the field for right now—we’ve dug up and thought out the perfect plans for the most commercial romantic holiday of the year.

Slideshow: Best Active Dates

Don’t be that lame couple that sits in the stuffy packed-out restaurant all night eating the “surf-‘n-turf special.” The only thing special about it is that they put a rose on the plate and jacked up the price three-fold. And definitely don’t be the guy who waits till the last minute to make a reservation at said restaurant only to be put on the waiting list.

Don’t even think about going to the movies. What’s worse for your fitness (and finance) goals than dropping a ton of cash on buttery popcorn, sugary soda and Junior Mints. All that inactivity during the movie only adds insult to injury.

Hitting a bar for drinks may seem like a more casual, less fattening option than those mentioned above. Drinks may not seem like diet destroyers, but they can sneakily add hundreds of calories. Waistline watching aside, bars will be jam packed on Friday.

Skip the traditional and go with something active and authentic. Get outside, try something new or at the very least go for a walk after dinner. The pressure is on, the biggest date night of the year has arrived—do something different.

Check out our list for 10 great active date ideas.

Whether you’re fitness obsessed or haven’t ever set foot in a gym, there are dates that will fit everyone’s skill level (and budget). There are countless opportunities, there’s no way we could showcase them all, but let this list be a reminder that you can easily switch things up. Small everyday changes are exactly what makes a big impact. Try one of our active dates this Valentine’s Day instead of the same old routine.

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