14 Absurdly Expensive Sneakers

14 Absurdly Expensive Sneakers

14 Nike Lebron 9 P.S. Elite

 The most helpful customer review on Amazon says “there fresh 2 def.” We’re thinking that translates to “worth $1,000,” which is pretty impressive for a pair of sneakers. If you’re a size 8 or 8.5, they’ll only set you back $600. If you’re a 10 they’ll cost you a grand.

13 Nike “What The Kobe” Sneakers

If you’ve been looking for a shoe so bright and crazy it gives people headaches than this is the one for you. Get it for between $900 and $1,000, depending on the size.

12 Nike Air Zoom Flight 96

A pair of these shoes recently sold on Ebay for $66. The same pair is on sale at Shoes World for $48. But if money means nothing to you, buy them here for $1,000.

11 Adidas Espresso Micropacer Buck Running Sneakers

The reason this shoe is so expensive is because it’s only one of 500. Or maybe it’s the tiny obsolete computer in the tongue. Regardless, this 2003 Adidas sneaker is going for $1,072.

#10 Punchy Sneaker by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton calls this an “on-trend sneaker boot,” we call it an inflated Converse lookalike. Whatever you call it, it runs for $1,130.

#9 Panama by Jimmy Choo

The wedge sneaker trend might be even worse than the snake skin style that Jimmy Choo is also running. Either way, these particular heel/sneaker disasters will cost you $1,425. But the mini studs will give you a “tough edge,” says Jimmy Choo.

#8 Embellished Zip High Top by Giuseppe Zanotti

Doesn’t this style look familiar? At least there’s a bit of embellishment on these leather and brass sneakers. That extra material, black jewels and multi-tonal spikes included, brings their retail value up to $2,013. But don’t worry—tax is included.

#7 Vintage Converse Skoots

These sneakers look really good when you consider that they’re older than your dad. According to the seller, they’re from the 1940s or 1950s, so they’re vintage. We think they probably belong in a museum, but you can own them for $2,080.

#6 Nike What the Dunks

Originally released in 2007, these off beat sneaks originally went for $120. They were only sold in a few cities so the price went through the roof. Today they’re available on EBay for $2,499.99, and by some miracle, there are four offers on the shoes.

#5 Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy”

These highly anticipated shoes sold for $220 in 2012. Since then they have been resold at an astronomical upcharge. In one case (which is now in court) there was an EBay user that bid $96,750. It is unclear whether that user would have paid, because EBay shut down the auction and is now in a legal battle. What we do know is that these shoes are now going for $2,500 on EBay.

#4 Louboutin Spike Sneakers

Duck, duck, goose. The quack owner of these sneakers is selling for $3,324.

#3 Versace Military Sneakers

These “military” shoes look more like torture devices. The price tag would be a pain for your wallet as well at $4,000.

#2 Elvis Presley Sneakers

The price tag on these sneakers might be lofty but it’s not all that absurd. Made in 1956, these shoes with the box are a treasured collector’s item valued at $4,300. Asking price is $4,500 on EBay.

#1 Iron Maiden Nike Dunk Pro

If you’re a fan of freaky sneakers, meet your perfect match. These Nikes are selling for $5,000—as if we didn’t already know the seller was crazy for owning these in the first place.