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VIDEO: Sweet Freestyle on a Road Bike

You've never seen a roadie do THIS before (and in Lycra)

We've seen the Pinarello Dogma 2 road bike go for some impressive rides lately—Bradley Wiggins rode it to Tour de France glory, Mark Cavendish took dozens of explosive bunch sprints atop one and Alejandro Valverde used it to keep a bead on Alberto Contador through the Pyrénées in the Vuelta. That's the kind of performance you can expect from a top-of-the-line carbon fiber bike that costs a fortune and weighs next to nothing (oh, and superfit pro bikers who train more or less around the clock).

But it wasn't until mountain bike trials rider Martyn Ashton took the Dogma 2 for a spin (and Robin Kitchin filmed it) that we saw it live up to its full potential—going off-road on rocky beaches and through stream crossings, riding endos on blind downhill curves, jumping from mothballed airplanes and doing backflips across golf courses. Yeehaw!

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