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VIDEO: Safety for Whitewater Kayakers, Part VI

Basic skills with the PFD rescue harness

The sixth installment of the whitewater safety videos from from Canoe & Kayak, Jim Coffey and Mike McKay talks about one of the greatest recent advancements in swift water rescue: the inclusion of an integrated harness into life jackets (or PFDs). 

The harness can be adjusted based on your size and situation and you should practice these adjustments both while on land and in the water. You should also familiarize yourself with how to release from the harness in case you need to separate from a boat or another person.

The video also covers live bait rescue, a technique in which a rescuer tethered to shore makes direct contact with a subject. The anchoring techniques shown in earlier videos are important for this type of rescue. 

Via Canoe & Kayak.

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