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VIDEO: Shark Riding

Mark Healey and Roberta Mancino make scaring the crap out of you beautiful

A new GoPro short shows surfer Mark Healey doing what Mark Healey does best: making swimming with sharks look like the most natural thing in the world.

Did I say swimming with the sharks? I meant riding them. (Skip to 6:00 for the payoff.)

Joined by skydiver/BASE jumper/model Roberta Mancino, Healey shows the world he’s not the only one totally nonchalant about freediving with things that eat you. The two go reef diving in the Bahamas with head-mounted cameras—Healey in a reef-camo wetsuit—all the while waxing philosophical about being underwater, their happy places and, well, sharks.

Healey: “They’re wild animals. One day they can be your friend, another they might shake you down and try to get a piece of you.”

Healey isn’t new to riding on the shark train. In a May, 2011, interview in Surfer he describes riding dorsal on a great-frickin’-white.

Or, if you prefer your encounters with sea life to be less fraught with danger, there’s always this.

Via Stab.

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