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VIDEO: A Climber's Workout

Newly sponsored Galina Parfenov takes you through her routine

While climbing is a great workout on its own, many of the top athletes include training exercises to improve their strength to tackle harder routes.

Galina Parfenov, a high school student and climber recently sponsored by Moon Climbing, put up a video of her routine.

Parfenov trains four of five times each week and uses a chart to keep track of her workouts. In the video, check out how Parfenov executes each exercise, so that you can match her form and (hopefully) build a similar level of strength.

Parfenov does 5-10 reps on each type of grip: Crimps, pinches, slopers and pockets.

The pull-up routine includes 8 frenchies, 8x6 uneven pull-ups and 20 regular pull-ups.

“Like frenchies, uneven pull-ups help a ton with lockoffs,” Parvenov says.

At the end of this segment, Parvenov tries to campus for a while on the campus board.

Campus rungs
If you’ve never campused, don’t expect to get the hang of it immediately. In the video, Parfenov says it took her a few sessions to figure out the campus rungs at her gym.

On the rungs, Parfenov does ladders, bumps, lock-offs and double-clutches.

Rock Rings
On the hanging rock rings, Parfenov does five sets of 10 extensions, 10 one-arm lock-offs and one frenchie.

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