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VIDEO: Tragedy on K2, the World's Most Dangerous Mountain

New documentary depicts the deadliest day, in 2008, when 11 were killed

In the 100-year climbing history of K2, only 300 people have made it to the summit. For every four people who arrived on top, one died or disappeared on the mountain.

Nicknamed Savage Mountain, K2 has seen its fair share of tragedy over the years. But August 2008 claims the gruesome title for the mountain’s worst climbing disaster.

That month, 24 climbers from several international expeditions arrived on High Camp, their last stop before the summit. Within 48 hours, 11 had died or vanished.

The new documentary, The Summit, tells the story using the footage and accounts of the tragedy's survivors.

K2 is the second highest mountain on earth at 28,251 feet, and sits near the border of Pakistan and China. 


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